DiceCoin is a Roll the Dice Game With Bitcoin

2 Feb


DiceCoin is a simple to use online betting game of Dice where you can test your luck by rolling the dice and seeing if you can manage to beat the house and get more Bitcoins than you started with. There is no need to register, you just open up the game and can start playing immediately – you can even play for free by getting a bonus of 0.00001 BTC (1000 satoshi) from the built-in Faucet, so no need to deposit coins. The service offers two modes of play – manual single bets as well as an automatic betting mode that allows you to play using a Martingale betting strategy by multiplying the bet on loss for example. The minimum bet is just 1 satoshi and the house edge is just 1% and the algorithm used is provably fair.

To test your luck rolling the dice to see if you will win some Bitcoins at DiceCoin…

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