Get Paid in Bitcoins to Visit Websites with BTC Clicks

24 Feb


BTC Clicks is an advertising platform where members can click ads to earn Bitcoins or where advertisers can gain cheap exposure to Bitcoin users. It is another good get paid to click service for visiting advertisers Bitcoin oriented websites, where you need to do a quick registration to be able to start visiting ads and getting paid. The standard pay per click rate is 129 satoshi for 10 second visit, though the actual amount you earn can vary – higher or lower depending on ad and the time you need to spend on the advertiser website. This service has an interesting option that allows you to pay for premium membership to double your earnings for 3, 6 or 12 months, something we have not seen elsewhere. In about 10 minutes we were able to visit all of the available ads and earn about 3500 satoshi, so it was a quick and easy to do it and we were able to request a withdraw. There seems to be new ads appearing all of the time, so no need to revisit every 24 hours, you can check it more often to get more offers to click on.

To withdraw your earnings you need to get a minimum of 1000 satoshi and do it to a free online Bitcoin wallet from Xapo (if you don’t have one yet, you can make a new wallet and you will also get a bonus of 0.00005 free BTC in it), or a minimum of 10000 satoshi to withdraw direct to your BTC address (there is 1.5% fee for direct withdraws).

There is also an affiliate program where you can introduce the service to your friends and get a percentage of their profit as a bonus, while at the same time they will be getting paid in full for their visits, so why not earn something extra.

To try out the BTC Clicks service that pays you Bitcoins to visit websites…

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