An Ethereum (ETH) faucet is a website that offer its users small amounts of Ether coins absolutely free. Normally you have to just enter your Ethereum address and a complete a captcha (to prevent bots) and you are getting paid some coins.

The Ether Faucet is a standard Ethereum faucet service that gives out to visitors between 0.00041168 and 0.12885183 Ether, depending on your luck, every 10 minutes. You can request to get paid from the faucet once you have accumulated at least 0.10000000 ETH in your faucet balance and then they will be cached out to your Ethereum wallet address. The price of the Ethereum Ether (ETH) coins will probably continue to rise, so the Ether Faucet is a nice place to earn some extra coins while they are still not very expensive and keep them until you can sell them for much more.

You can also get additional 50% bonus for inviting your friends to start using the service, the additional referral bonus is extra for you every time they claim from the faucet while your friends still get their full reward.

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CoinKingdoms is a new free game where you get to build your own online virtual kingdom – build a castle, mine for gold and crystals, build armies and fight with other players. The game is currently in beta and there are no Bitcoin rewards currently available, but since it is being developed by the same people that are behind the game CoinBraw we should most likely soon added BTC rewards for players of the game. Meanwhile you can give the game a try if you are interested while it is still in beta and maybe get a good head start for when bitcoin rewards are introduces. Some tips from us – start by building a Barracks and an Army Camp as soon as you start playing and then continue to develop and upgrade your virtual kingdom.

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Battlecoin is a multiplayer online Bomberman-style game where you get to play against other actual people and can earn Bitcoins by blowing them up. The game can be played for free or you cans tart a game with a bet against players, you start with some free satoshi in your account and it is up to you to increase them by winning games. The gameplay is very simple, you move your character around and place bombs at places you choose, you can earn power ups while playing and your goal is to use a bomb to blow up the other player in order to win.


You have the option to play a free game to test things out, join a game created by someone else for fre or with a bet or create your own game where you get to choose the bet you want to play with. The game has multiple servers is order to have the lowest ping possible, so that you get a better chance to be faster and win. Battlecoin is more a game of skill and not of chance, but sometimes chance also has its role. So it is time to polish your skills and win some Bitcoins while playing this fun online Bomberman-style game.

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