If you use an Android OS based smartphone or a tablet and love playing games on your mobile device, then you might want to check out two interesting games that allow you to compete with other real players and win actual Bitcoins. The games we are talking about are called Bitcoin Flapper and Bitcoin Crush, both free and available at the Google Play store, so you can quickly and easily download them and try them out. Bitcoin Flapper is a take on the flying a flapping birds through the maze of pillars by tapping on the screen type of game and Bitcoin Crush is essentially a take on the diamond matching and jewel crushing type of games. The two games are from the same developer and do require you to create an account, but only one is needed for laying both games and your Bitcoinbalance is of course shared between the two games. They are simple in terms of their general idea, but that also makes them pretty fun and addictive, so do be careful when you start playing. The fact that you compete with real world people from all around the world and that you get rewards in the form of Bitcoins do make things even more interesting. Why not, getting paid to play games is fun after all, but with these two games you will require some skill to be on the top. We actually suck at the flappy bird flying thing and even though we are good at the bejeweled type of games it was hard for us to get the first place.


With Bitcoin Flapper and Bitcoin Crush you play in tournaments of four people against each other and the first three to finish in terms of highscore get rewards in Bitcoins. The first gets 300 satoshi, the second 150 and the third place secures you 50 satoshi – the last guy gets nothing other than some playing experience. You also have the option to challenge a friend on one-to-one battle where the reward goes to the winner only and it is a bit higher at 500 satoshi. When you collect at least 16000 satoshi from playing either of the two or both games you are able to cashout by entering you Bitcoin wallet address inside the game and sending your winnings there. We have played both games for about 20 minutes in total and managed to earn a bit more than 2000 satoshi, though half of the time spent on the flapper game was pretty much a waste as we could not get much as we apparently such as it, but on the crush game we did much better though winning the first place was still rare – second and third were a common thing. So the amount you earn and the time it will take to be able to reach the minimum to request a payment to your Bitcoin wallet will also depend on your skill. Anyway, we do recommend to give the two games a go and see how well will you do and maybe earn some coins while doing so, this is definitely a better way to get Bitcoins than to surf through a lot of Bitcoin faucets.

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One more interesting service that pays you Bitcoins to visit websites called CoinAdder. To start using it and earning coins you need to first register and you will get 500 satoshi just for signing up. Earning more is possible by visiting websites, you will be getting paid 50 satoshi per site you visit – you need to spend at least 15 seconds after the website is loaded to get your payment credited. The minimum amount of satoshi you need to earn by visiting websites in order to be able to request a payment is 7500 satoshi.

It took us about 40 minutes to visit all of the websites currently listed and we have ended up with 4100 satoshi collected – 500 for signing up and 3600 for visiting websites. This means that in a day you will not be able to earn the minimum to cashout, so you need to return again in 24 hours to be able to click some more ads before you can withdraw your earnings. When you request a withdraw it will be sent to a microwallet, so if you use other websites that pay to microwallet you can receive higher amount directly to your Bitcoin wallet as everything will be combined from the service.

There is also an affiliate program that invites you to refer friends to the service and once they start visiting websites and getting paid you will receive 10% of the what they earn as a bonus. Don’t worry, they will still receive 50 satoshi per visit, but you will also be getting 5 satoshi for each of their visits credited to your account as a bonus.

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One more cloud mining service provider fro mining Bitcoins, ZeusHash is a former Litecoin ASIC manufacturer that has moved their business model to provide Bitcoin cloud mining services. It is a Chinese company that already has a large mining operation and a lot of users and have been operating for a few months already. What they are actually popular with is the constant reward campaigns that they are running for new users and existing customers to promote their services. Things like 10 GH/s free Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate for new users when they sign up as a bonus as well as various other incentives and bonuses that stimulate users to get more hashrate with better terms.


The service accepts only Bitcoin and Litecoin as a means of payment for the Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate that they provide and there is a price incentive giving you lower price per gigahash the more hashrate you purchase. The minimum hashrate you can purchase is just 1 GH/s and that will cost you $0.669 USD equivalent in BTC or LTC, and the lowest price you can get is $0.359 USD equivalent in BTC or LTC if you purchase over 100 TH/s – this is almost half the price, but the hashrate you need to purchase is really a lot to get such high discount. The contracts are “lifetime”, though you need to pay maintenance fees every day and the mining will continue until the contract does manage to be profitable – earned coins are higher than what you need to pay as fees.

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