We have discovered another typical service paying in Bitcoin you to visit advertiser websites called MyCoinAds. This service does not require you to register, all you need to do is enter your Bitcoin wallet address and start visiting websites and getting paid in BTC for it. What you are being paid is 143.7 satoshi for a 30 second visit per site and all of the advertisers are apparently paying for unique visits, so you are not able to resurf ads in 24 hours like on some other places.

The number of websites that are currently available are enough for you to earn about 5000 satoshi in about 30 minutes of time, but you need to earn at least 10000 to be able to be paid. There are new ads becoming available on a daily basis, so revisiting in some hours or a day will present you with the opportunity to earn more and get close to the minimum goal for getting paid what you have earned.

The website does give you another opportunity to get a bit more extra earnings by referring friends to the service, your affiliates will make sure you get 10% bonus for the earned revenue they generate by visiting websites. They will of course get paid the normal rate, so there should be no problem bringing more people to the service and earning something extra because of that.

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In the world of crypto anonymity is highly valued, so it is no wonder that there are services offering you Bitcoin cloud mining with anonymity in focus, though you should be careful as some shady characters might try to exploit this and try to scam you. This seems not to be the case with the service Bitcoin Cloud Services as it has been available for almost a year already and it still here and paying your daily mined coins on schedule. This service offers Bitcoin cloud mining contracts starting from 50 GH/s with a price of 0.0017 BTC per GH/s and the only drawback here is that only payments in Bitcoin are being accepted for the moment. What you are getting is a 12 month cloud mining contract for mining Bitcoins with all of the fees already included in the price per GH/s that you pay (you can purchase a minimum of 50 gigahashes per second). So it is one payment and for the next year you will be getting the returns of your Bitcoin mining investment on a daily basis directly deposited in your wallet. We’ve been using the service for a while already and are happy with our experience so far, so you might want to give it a try. A word of warning, never invest more than you can afford to loose, because you never know what might happen in the future!

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SaruTobi is a fun little game that is currently only available on Apple iOS-based devices such as the iPhone or the iPad that rewards players with real Bitcoin tips for playing the game. SaruTobi is Japanese for Monkey Fly! and that is just what this game is all about. You need to swing the monkey Tobi on his vine to build up momentum, when his speed is high enough you fling him through the air and see how far he goes and as the monkey flies it can collect coins or powerups. The in-game Bitcoins you collect along the way can be used to buy power ups including: Springs, Glider, Rocket and others. The more interesting thing are the rareer BlackCoins that you need to collect to claim a real Bitcoins with them in the form of a Bitcoin Tip.


Once you collect at least 12 BlackCoins inside the game you can exchange them for a Bitcoin tip, all you need to do is set your Bitcoin wallet address inside the game’s settings, so that it knows where to send you BTC. You can enter your full Bitcoin wallet address, but since entering that on your smartphone or tablet may not be that easy you can also get a free online Bitcoin wallet from Xapo and just set your email address there to get the satoshis instantly transferred there. You need an average of about 15-20 minutes to be able to collect 12 BlackCoins before you can exchange them for a Bitcoin Tip, though your luck may vary and you might get them faster or slower. So far redeeming BC for Bitcoin Tips has resulted in getting in between 50 and 110 bits, or with other words 5000 to 11000 satoshi just for spending some time playing a free game on your smartphone or tablet. Just be careful, the game is quite addictive!

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