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This seems to be one of the older and largest websites that pay you to click ads to view sites and get paid in mBTC in return (1 mBTC is equal to 100000 satoshi in case you are wondering). The website does require you to go through a quick and easy free registration and to confirm your email address, unlike many other such websites that just ask for your Bitcoin wallet address. There are quite a lot of ads available for you to visit, over 20 at the moment with the highest paying out on top of the list and lower paying ones going down.

The highest paying website currently pays you over 600 satoshi and the lowest got down to 1 satoshi (10 to 60 second visit per site), and yo don’t need to visit the ones that pay you too little to even bother. In less than 20 minutes we were able to visit all of the ads and collect all rewards that equaled to about 5400 satoshi, not a bad result, but you need to be aware that you cannot request a payout unless you have accumulated at least 15000 satoshi and they are sent to your Bitcoin wallet address directly when you request to be paid. You need to return on the website in 24 hours and click ads again and visit websites in order to collect the minimum before you can cash out.

CoinAd does also have an affiliate program that you can take advantage of in order to earn even more by introducing your friends to the service. Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertisements not only do they get paid but you get paid too. You get from 10 to 20% of your referrals earning as a bonus and they still get their full payment for each and every click to visit a website that pays.

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This is an easy to get started service that pays its users Bitcoin to visit websites, all you need is an Bitcoin wallet address to get you started collecting coins. You get paid between 30 and 200 satoshi per visited website, depending on the time you need to spend before going to the next website (10 to 60 seconds per website). The minimum amount you need to earn before you can get paid is 0.00005825 BTC and it took us a bit over an hour to reach that amount – there are quite a lot of ads available to click on. The service relies on Microwallet for the transactions and there is a small fee that you will be charged by that additional service for the payment and it may also take a day or two to get your payment sent to your Bitcoin wallet address. The good thing about the use of a Microwallet is that you can get it funded from multiple sources and get the payment at once. There is unfortunately no information about the amount you have collected so far, so you need to check the total amount by entering your Bitcoin address at the Microwallet website.

The services comes with an affiliate program for users that want to be able to earn a bit extra by referring your friends. The referral program however is not that much attractive and generous as you will be getting just 5% commission from your referrals, and there are alternative services that offer up to 50%. Still even 5% is better than nothing, so if yo are planning on using this service you as well might want to take advantage of the affiliate program too.

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One more interesting service that pays you Bitcoins to visit websites called CoinAdder. To start using it and earning coins you need to first register and you will get 500 satoshi just for signing up. Earning more is possible by visiting websites, you will be getting paid 50 satoshi per site you visit – you need to spend at least 15 seconds after the website is loaded to get your payment credited. The minimum amount of satoshi you need to earn by visiting websites in order to be able to request a payment is 7500 satoshi.

It took us about 40 minutes to visit all of the websites currently listed and we have ended up with 4100 satoshi collected – 500 for signing up and 3600 for visiting websites. This means that in a day you will not be able to earn the minimum to cashout, so you need to return again in 24 hours to be able to click some more ads before you can withdraw your earnings. When you request a withdraw it will be sent to a microwallet, so if you use other websites that pay to microwallet you can receive higher amount directly to your Bitcoin wallet as everything will be combined from the service.

There is also an affiliate program that invites you to refer friends to the service and once they start visiting websites and getting paid you will receive 10% of the what they earn as a bonus. Don’t worry, they will still receive 50 satoshi per visit, but you will also be getting 5 satoshi for each of their visits credited to your account as a bonus.

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