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The web-based game Crystal Miners is yet another mining game that can help you earn real Bitcoins by playing. The goal of the game is to mine different types of crystals that you can exchange for BTC, a simple idea and easy gameplay. The game is free to play and once you go through a quick registration process you start with a single Blue Crystal mine that earns you 20 crystals per hour with a maximum capacity of 100 crystals per day. You need to visit the game’s website from time to time to mine your crystals that you can later on sell for Bitcoins. You can use mined crystals or invest some coins to increase the number of mines you have and thus get more crystals mined per hour. Aside from the Blue Crystal mine there are mines for Red Crystal, Purple Crystal, Green Crystal, Silver Crystal and you can get more Blue or other miens to increase your crystal production.


The exchange rate for 1 Crystal is 10 satoshi, so with the free Blue Crystal mine you get you will be up and running with 200 satoshi per hour right from the start. You can claim your crystals each 60 seconds, though you might want to wait more for crystals to accumulate over time. The crystals will gradually fill up – quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time – until you make a claim or reach the maximum capacity of the specific mine. If you want to deposit some coins in your balance to upgrade your mines, the exchange rate for 1 mBTC (0.001 BTC) is 10000 Crystals and the minimum deposit is 1 mBTC (0.001 BTC) with your credits available after second confirmation on the Bitcoin network. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 0.5 mBTC (0.0005 BTC) or 5000 Crystals. The game is fun and easy to play, so you might want to give it a try – you will not get rich in a day, but you can still earn some crystals over time and turn them to real free Bitcoins.

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Cryptoland is a web-based game where you run a Gold Mine and mines for other valuable resources and sell the mined virtual resources for Bitcoin thus earning coins in the process. It is a fun game with a simple concept, similar in terms of idea to the game Ore-Mine, but with a slightly different implementation.

In the game you can start your Gold mining operation absolutely free, after registering you will get one Gold Mine that will start working for you and earning you coins, there is no need to invest anything – you can start and play the game for free. Of course upgrades to your Gold Mine are available and you can also build other mines for resources such as Coal, Platinum, Uranium and Dilithium for example. Besides mining there are other things you can do to get more Gold that you can then sell for Bitcoins (1 unit of Gold is sold for 11 Coins and is equal to 11 satoshi), you can complete offers, visit websites, complete offers or do tasks. You need to collect at least 50000 Coins in order to be able to withdraw them in Bitcoins, the minimum for Dogecoin withdraw is 65000 Coins.


The basic Gold mine that you get for free when you start the game will produce 15 Gold per day, not that much for a start, but then again not bad for something you get completely free to start playing with. You can increase the daily production of mined materials (Gold, Platinum, Dilithium) by building another mine, at this time you can run up 25 mines of each kind. The basic Gold mine will be your for lifetime, if you are active at least once per 30 days. Standard contract for the others mines are valid for 180 days and flexible contracts can be valid between 60 and 365 days. An upgraded Gold mine will mine 1000 Gold per day and you can get a mining contract purchasing if by PayPal, BTC, LTC, BLK, DOGE, DRK, MEC, NMC, PPC or XPM crypto coins. If it sounds interesting you can start up your free Gold mine operation and try out the game in order to build a larger mining operation that can get you actual Bitcoins.

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Ore-Mine is a very simple web-based game where you mine ore and can sell it for Bitcoins, the game is absolutely free to get started up and running with a small production capacity and as you advance you can increase your ore production and earnings as well. As with most other similar games apart from being able to play for free, you can invest some coins to increase your ore production rate and earn more. Also by inviting friends to try out the game you can also get some bonuses that would allow you to increase in your ore production. The basic concept of the game is similar as an idea to a Bitcoin faucet where you need to return after a predefined time to collect more coins. In this game you collect your daily bonus and you can sell your produced Ore every 8 hours, so you can open the game’s website just a few times a day or even just once a day to continue playing it. Not much point in visiting it very often as the countdown timers for your ore production and sale time and for the daily bonus are set to 8 hours and you have 5 spaces available to fill, so you mist revisit your mining operation every 8 to 40 hours to sell the production and get extra bonuses.


Under the daily bonus timer you can see some squares, if you have a question mark there clicking it will reveal a bonus item that you can pick up by clicking on it. After that you need to wait for another 8 hours for the next bonus item. The bonus items include more Ore or a Coin which will add to your BTC balance (variable amount depending on the coin or ore type) or a Pick Axe which will increase your Ore Production. Below that you have the Store timer and the squares that show your production, when you see an Ore there you can click to sell it and increase your Bitcoin balance that is shown right under it. That is pretty all that is to the basic idea of the game.

You can of course spend some of your earned coins to increase your production or invest some coins to do that and get a head start in the game. There is also a betting game that you can open up by clicking on Win the Jackpot link that allows you to multiply your coins if you are lucky enough, but you can also lose coins there so be aware of that. If you want to invest some coins to get a better production you can deposit some BTC or buy some coins with a credit card or PayPal apparently. In order to withdraw your earnings you need to have collected more than 50000 satoshi in your in-game balance.

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