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If you are looking for an alternative and more engaging way of earning Bitcoins by playing games, then you might want to check out the fishing game Captain Pearl. When you join the game you get a free boat that will start catching fish for you, you also get 49 caught fish at the start and 10 white pearls in your balance. The Happy Berth Day fishing boat that you start with will bring you 7 new fish every hour (1000 fish = 5 Blue and 5 White Pearls) and you can exchange the caught fish for Blue Pearls (can be cashed for Bitcoin) or White Pearls that can be used to buy more fishing boats. Currently the exchange rate for 100 White pearls is 104060 satoshi or 0.00104060 BTC (1.0406 mBTC) and you can not only sell pearls, but also buy them to get a boost at the start by getting more fishing boats.


The game allows you to earn some more pearls playing various games or visiting ads, so there is no need to specifically spend coins to get them faster and of course your fishing boats will be catching fish that you can trade for pearls. There is a Pearl-A-Dice game that allows you to bet White Pearls on dice rolls, this is riskier as you may not only win, but also lose pearls. The Pearl-to-Click game gives you 0.5 or 1 White pearls for visiting websites of advertisers, you can win a few pearls absolutely risk free here, so do not miss the opportunity. There is also a Wheel of Fortune that you can spin to get some nice bonuses as well as a MasterMind game where you need to get a 4 digit secret number.

The game is fun and does not require you to invest anything to get started and build your fishing boats empire that will earn you real Bitcoins, so you might want to give it a try.

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SatoshiQuiz is a quiz website where users win Bitcoin for correctly answering questions from various categories. A user can open the website and answer the question without registrations, but in order to earn and be able to withdraw coins that you won you need to register. To win Bitcoins, user must be logged in and must be among the first three users to answer the question correctly, depending upon which he will get first/second or third prize. Registrations are quick and easy and there is no need to even enter an email address if you do not want to, only username and password to be able to keep track of your progress. We warn you that the game can be quite fun and addictive, as well as a bit challenging sometimes, but the chance of winning some coins makes it much more fun to play.

The total prize of the question is mentioned under “Prize” for each question, something like 1000 satoshi for example. The award gets split as follows: 60% to first user, 30% to second user and 10% to third user to answer the question fastest. A user gets 10 lives at the beginning of every hour, if the users gives an incorrect answer to a question his lives count decreases by one. When the lives reaches zero the user cannot attempt more questions till he gets 10 new lives at the beginning of the next hour. The Bitcoin payments are processed once every 24 hrs around 2:30P GMT. To request payment you need to go to My Stats page and submit the Withdrawal request. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10000 satoshis.

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If you use an Android OS based smartphone or a tablet and love playing games on your mobile device, then you might want to check out two interesting games that allow you to compete with other real players and win actual Bitcoins. The games we are talking about are called Bitcoin Flapper and Bitcoin Crush, both free and available at the Google Play store, so you can quickly and easily download them and try them out. Bitcoin Flapper is a take on the flying a flapping birds through the maze of pillars by tapping on the screen type of game and Bitcoin Crush is essentially a take on the diamond matching and jewel crushing type of games. The two games are from the same developer and do require you to create an account, but only one is needed for laying both games and your Bitcoinbalance is of course shared between the two games. They are simple in terms of their general idea, but that also makes them pretty fun and addictive, so do be careful when you start playing. The fact that you compete with real world people from all around the world and that you get rewards in the form of Bitcoins do make things even more interesting. Why not, getting paid to play games is fun after all, but with these two games you will require some skill to be on the top. We actually suck at the flappy bird flying thing and even though we are good at the bejeweled type of games it was hard for us to get the first place.


With Bitcoin Flapper and Bitcoin Crush you play in tournaments of four people against each other and the first three to finish in terms of highscore get rewards in Bitcoins. The first gets 300 satoshi, the second 150 and the third place secures you 50 satoshi – the last guy gets nothing other than some playing experience. You also have the option to challenge a friend on one-to-one battle where the reward goes to the winner only and it is a bit higher at 500 satoshi. When you collect at least 16000 satoshi from playing either of the two or both games you are able to cashout by entering you Bitcoin wallet address inside the game and sending your winnings there. We have played both games for about 20 minutes in total and managed to earn a bit more than 2000 satoshi, though half of the time spent on the flapper game was pretty much a waste as we could not get much as we apparently such as it, but on the crush game we did much better though winning the first place was still rare – second and third were a common thing. So the amount you earn and the time it will take to be able to reach the minimum to request a payment to your Bitcoin wallet will also depend on your skill. Anyway, we do recommend to give the two games a go and see how well will you do and maybe earn some coins while doing so, this is definitely a better way to get Bitcoins than to surf through a lot of Bitcoin faucets.

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