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A Bitcoin faucet is a website that offer its users small amounts of Bitcoins absolutely free. Normally you have to just enter your Bitcoin address and a complete a captcha (to prevent bots) and you are getting paid some satoshi (fractions of a Bitcoin).

Mother Faucet is a Bitcoin faucet that gives you the chance to win 1500, 2000, 3000 or 6000 satoshi per dispense and you can return every hour to get more coins from the faucet. All you need to do is have a free online Bitcoin wallet from Xapo as the Mother Faucet needs your email address (the one used to register at Xapo) and not a Bitcoin wallet address. If you don’t yet have a wallet at Xapo you can register one for free and you will also get 5000 satoshi as a bonus deposited as soon as you register at the service. When you request to cash out what you have earned it will be directly deposited to your online wallet, no wait time or minimum amount to collect before it can be sent!

Once you request your reward from the faucet and see the amount you are going to get you have the option to either claim the coins directly OR try to play the multiplier game and earn 3 times the amount. Now, do have in mind that if you decide to play and multiply your earnings by choosing one of the three door you are shown you will lose all of your coins if you do not get the right door, but if you do you get a 3x bonus. If you loose the coins get added in a Jackpot fund that you can play for every Friday, regardless if you play the extra game or not and if you win or loose you can return in 1 hour to get some more coins.

Also, if you tell all your friends and family about Mother Faucet you will also receive a big fat 20% lifetime commission every time they collect some satoshi from the Bitcoin faucet. Since the minimum they can get is 1500 satoshi, this means you get at least 300 satoshi as a bonus and they still get paid normally.

Time to check out the Mother Faucet and to earn some free Bitcoins from the site…