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We have discovered another typical service paying in Bitcoin you to visit advertiser websites called MyCoinAds. This service does not require you to register, all you need to do is enter your Bitcoin wallet address and start visiting websites and getting paid in BTC for it. What you are being paid is 143.7 satoshi for a 30 second visit per site and all of the advertisers are apparently paying for unique visits, so you are not able to resurf ads in 24 hours like on some other places.

The number of websites that are currently available are enough for you to earn about 5000 satoshi in about 30 minutes of time, but you need to earn at least 10000 to be able to be paid. There are new ads becoming available on a daily basis, so revisiting in some hours or a day will present you with the opportunity to earn more and get close to the minimum goal for getting paid what you have earned.

The website does give you another opportunity to get a bit more extra earnings by referring friends to the service, your affiliates will make sure you get 10% bonus for the earned revenue they generate by visiting websites. They will of course get paid the normal rate, so there should be no problem bringing more people to the service and earning something extra because of that.

To try out the MyCoinAds service that pays you Bitcoin to visit websites…