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SaruTobi is a fun little game that is currently only available on Apple iOS-based devices such as the iPhone or the iPad that rewards players with real Bitcoin tips for playing the game. SaruTobi is Japanese for Monkey Fly! and that is just what this game is all about. You need to swing the monkey Tobi on his vine to build up momentum, when his speed is high enough you fling him through the air and see how far he goes and as the monkey flies it can collect coins or powerups. The in-game Bitcoins you collect along the way can be used to buy power ups including: Springs, Glider, Rocket and others. The more interesting thing are the rareer BlackCoins that you need to collect to claim a real Bitcoins with them in the form of a Bitcoin Tip.


Once you collect at least 12 BlackCoins inside the game you can exchange them for a Bitcoin tip, all you need to do is set your Bitcoin wallet address inside the game’s settings, so that it knows where to send you BTC. You can enter your full Bitcoin wallet address, but since entering that on your smartphone or tablet may not be that easy you can also get a free online Bitcoin wallet from Xapo and just set your email address there to get the satoshis instantly transferred there. You need an average of about 15-20 minutes to be able to collect 12 BlackCoins before you can exchange them for a Bitcoin Tip, though your luck may vary and you might get them faster or slower. So far redeeming BC for Bitcoin Tips has resulted in getting in between 50 and 110 bits, or with other words 5000 to 11000 satoshi just for spending some time playing a free game on your smartphone or tablet. Just be careful, the game is quite addictive!

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