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Bet on Twitter (Betwitter) is being described as a game of words, mass psychology and probability that allows you to win Bitcoins by betting on games directly related to tweets on Twitter. What Betwitter is doing is to count the number of tweets, tweeters, followers etc. for specific words and bet on the outcome – there are different types of games and game targets.

Types of games available:
– Statement: True or false outcome
– Selection: Multiple winning choices possible
– Estimate: Players estimate a number, coins are rearranged based on proximity
– Sorter: Players bet on the word order


Here is an example: Imagine that for example the word ‘King’ is used more often than ‘Queen’ most of the time. If you simply submit a game with these two words competing against each other, most people will bet on ‘King’ seeing the statistics and they will win. You read in the news that the queen of England is about to visit Australia in a few days and it will likely cause people to tweet about it. By having this information, you have gained advantage and you are likely to win big, because you bet on the outcome with lower odds.

To check the website Bet on Twitter and try your luck or skill in some games…