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CoinHD is an interesting new service that rewards its users with Bitcoins for watching Youtube videos online. You just need to go over a quick registration process that does not require any personal information other than an email address and you are ready to start watching videos and earning BTC for doing so. You are apparently getting paid starting with 50-100 satoshi per video (the rate depends) that you watch and in order to get paid you need to earn at least 60 bits or 6000 saoshi to be able to withdraw your coins and you are getting paid directly to your Bitcoin wallet address.

You can also use the service to promote your YouTube videos if you need to get more views as the account you create for the service is for both getting paid to view videos and to pay to get your videos watched by other users. So apparently a lot of the videos are submitted by users that are paid for other people to watch them and many of them are apparently Bitcoin-related, so you can find something interesting among them.

If you want to check out the CoinHD service that pays Bitcoins for watching videos…